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Cooler Master NotePal D1 (R9-NBC-APAK-GP)

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Light and sturdy with a sleek hairline aluminum finish, the lustrous Cooler Master NotePal D1 may very well be your best mobile companion in this new Wi-Fi savvy world. With efficient functional and ergonomic designs, NotePal D1 sits on an oblique angle creating optimal comfort for laptop users. Either on a desk or on the lap of an on-the-go user, NotePal D1 takes air from a rear intake and cools down high temperatures with its two 7cm silent fans. Designed to improve mobility and to offer the best human-to-device optimization, the NotePal D1 at its dimensions and weight is a snug fit in any typical briefcase.

    * Compact and light-weight.
    * Ergonomic angles for long hours of typing.
    * Added space-saving feature via vertical storage.
    * Anti-slip mechanism to keep notebooks firmly placed.
    * Anodized alloy hairline treatment.
    * Dual silent 7cm fans with rear ventilation.
    * USB powered.



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