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SunbeamTech Silent Anodized LED Fan SALF-12

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With proprietary anodized coating on the fan blades and the frame, the Silent Anodized LED Fan is a sight to be hold when powered on. The treated surface reflects the light from the four UV-LED and creates a much brighter effect then normal LED fans can. The included special adapter, which functions both as 3-pin fan speed monitor and 3-pin to 4-pin Molex connector, simplifies installation and reduces cable usage for better air flow.     

    * 3 pin connector for speed detection and control
    * 3-to-4 pin connector and no additional wire needed
    * Malefemale 2 inMolex         
    * Anodized frame and blade with 4 UV LEDs for UV reactive lighting effect
    * Silent design,only 21 dba noise level


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